Join Güliz Ünlü & Jini Patel Thompson for a transformative 3-day workshop at the Singing Horse Ranch

Online or In-Person ~ Spring/Summer 2022


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This 3-day CIRCLE workshop will guide you through deepening your connection to the land, the horses and wildlife, and to your own body wisdom. We will use breathwork, BodyTalk, Art play, guided meditation, Lazer Tapping, journalling and Horse Magic to strengthen your connection and intuition.

Here’s what it’s about…

This CIRCLE Workshop Is:

  • An invitation to open your heart and connect with your heart’s desire
  • A call to go beyond 3D into deeper wisdom and connection with all loving beings
  • An opportunity to clear your blocks, saboteurs, and experience empowerment
  • A journey to create positive change in your life as you increase your ability to hear all of nature and receive guidance

Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Guidance to quiet your busy mind and slip into horse time
  • Exercises to allow your subconscious to speak; through art play and horse connections
  • Methods to hear and communicate with all animals and nature (trees, soil, rocks, etc)
  • The unconditional love that flows from horses and mother earth
  • Simple yet powerful techniques to connect and hear the wisdom of your own body, the whispers of your heart

What You’ll Get:

  • Your own art kit to play with and take home (no art experience required!)
  • Personal horse connection session
  • Group sessions with horses; sharing observations and a-ha moments
  • Guided breathwork, Lazer Tapping (acupressure), guided meditation and journalling exercises
  • Instruction, experiential learning and Q&A
  • Catered Lunch Bag each day (customized to your food allergies & dietary preferences)
  • Free time with the horses, the land, the creek, and wildlife (hawks, eagles, owls, elk, deer – we also have coyotes, wolves, bears and the occasional cougar, but they don’t come near humans during the daytime)
  • Experience true Canadian wilderness – no neighbours, no cars, just the sounds of nature

Register Now For $987 In-Person / $387 Online

The CIRCLE Experience

Horses create an invitation to stillness and a certain harmony and peace. You cannot help but go with them into the heart space. Feel the drop into stillpoint; the place where Source/God exists. Cry because it’s so beautiful and profound… the tears are a recognition of who you really are.

Whether In-Person or Online

We’ll teach you how deepen into a greater experience of inner stillness and peace. We’ll help you connect and open your heart space – so that you can hear the desires of your heart and develop the courage to live from this space of deep wisdom.

And we’ll guide you through tried-and-tested exercises to increase your intuition. To be able to hear horses, wildlife, the earth, your own body… better.

Attend CIRCLE In-Person

Come in-person to the Singing Horse Ranch (near Vernon, BC, Canada) and have the full physical experience of the land, the horses, the wildlife, the creek, and the incredible mountains surrounding us.

You book your own flights, transport, accommodation (we will provide a list of options). And we will shuttle you to and from the ranch each day, from a centralized location in town.

We will also provide a gourmet bag lunch each day (customized to food allergies and preferences), snacks and beverages. An awesome Art Kit with spiral-bound sketch journal is also included in your workshop and you’ll receive this on the first day in case you want to start journalling right away!

Note: The ranch is a true wilderness location with real wildlife – black bears, coyotes, wolves and the occasional cougar. The horses and dogs keep predators away, and they prefer to avoid humans anyway. To attend in-person, you must be able to walk at least 2 miles and be able to walk leisurely uphill or downhill for 15 minutes. You must also be able to urinate outside (no one can see you) and be able to sit on the earth (no chairs).

In case travel is restricted: your attendance will automatically convert to a Live Online experience and you will be refunded the difference. You will also get first priority booking for any future in-person workshops.

Attend CIRCLE Live Online

For those of you who don’t wish to physically travel to the ranch in Canada, you can still experience full, real-time participation in the CIRCLE Workshop via live Zoom sessions with us.

Workshop leaders will be wearing lapel microphones, so you’ll be able to hear us clearly. We have Internet access from anywhere on the ranch, so no matter where the horses are, you can be there with us.

To enjoy the best experience, join us on the largest size screen you have and block off the time/space, just as if you had actually gone away.

You will be able to text questions or comments at any time in the Chat, and we will also open it up for online verbal participation at certain times. Many of you will have the necessary art supplies already to hand, but we will also send a list in case you wish to purchase exactly the same kit.

Replays of each zoom session will be published at the end of each day. You will also have the opportunity to leave comments or questions on the Replay page.

Remember: Horses are not bound by time/space. Whether joining live or via the replay, you will experience the potency and transformational space that the horses and this incredible land holds.

Register Now: $987 In-Person / $387 Online


For most of our time on this planet, humanity has sat in circle, sat in ceremony with all the other life forms on this planet; wind, water, earth, trees, plants, insects, animals…

It is only in the last 100 years or so, that we have built concrete barriers to shield and separate us from most of life. Most of us no longer even walk upon earth, let alone commune with wild, unspoiled nature.

With wild horses, on this wild land, we seek to create an experience of connection for you that is as startling as it is normal – your normal, natural birthright as a child of earth. You can probably feel it even through the photographs on this page – the power of the EXHALE that awaits you.

Will you enter into this experience of deep connection, of unconditional love from wild horses and wild land that awaits you?

Navigate the challenges of this pivotal time on planet earth

Imagine how it would feel to open and deepen your communication into the realm beyond spoken words. Strengthen your ability to hear guidance from animals, your own body, the earth and trees, your angels and guides – you need never feel alone again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there are 7 horses at the ranch: Montaro, Juno, Cobra, Xadaa, Posa, Omar & Raven. In the Spring, we are hoping to trailer up the rest of the herd – but of course, that is their choice!

The best way to answer this is to tell you what other people have said. We do regular livestream videos with our Singing Horse Herd Members and they have reported things like: “I was with you all live. It was AWESOME!!! The energy was intense and solid. As usual with the herd – there was more than one perfect confirmation sign at the exact moment of synchronicity…”


“So multi layered… I stirred a bit in glee when you mentioned Amalia, since she has been appearing a few times for me in different visuals. I swear at times I feel more like a horse/animal then a human and the 3 gals Kaliah, Xadaa and Amalia are the ones that I connect mostly with. This is the message I received from Kaliah during this livestream…”


“The work the Singing Horse Herd has been doing on our behalf and through those with us has been nothing short of a miracle. Since we signed up with the SHH, so many things in our family lives have come up for healing and we are working it… working hard… We are so grateful for the re-wiring taking place in our lives as a result of this journey. Can’t wait for the next teaching session. Keep ’em coming.”

So I think you can see from these comments, that working with the herd via livestream video is an enlightening, transformative, and powerful experience. Way back when the herd first came to me, they asked me to video them; just turn the camera on, and thus began our YouTube channel. They said, “There is a layer of frequency encoded in video that you don’t understand, but it’s there and we are using it. We can reach people directly using this frequency.”

So yes, as long as you SET ASIDE THE TIME/SPACE to be fully present with us (lock the door, take the time off work, etc) you will experience “being” with the herd and the land on a multi-sensory level. You will experience break-throughs and A-ha moments, your nervous system will down-regulate and the herd may speak to you, or send you pictures. They may also come to you in the dreamtime.

Now. If you come in-person to the ranch, expect to be viscerally blown away, as your cells and tissue stand upon this magnificent land. As you feel the wind on your face (blows away mosquitoes!), you smell the creek and wildflowers, you see the tree elders and horses streaming out in front of you. It is incomparable.

I have traveled the globe and lived in Africa, Japan, UK, Canada and the U.S. and I can tell you that this ranch is a peak experience. Those of you who follow my blog, know that I looked for the herd’s land for 7 years before I found this place. It is not just an amazing ranch, it is THE HERD’s LAND. The energies, crystals, beings that exist on this land will blow you away. So if you feel called, come.

Yes they are! It is a beautiful, stunning, 160 acres of Canadian wilderness. And it is surrounded on 3 sides by Crown Land (government owned land, aka part of the unceded territory of the Splatsin, Okanagan people). Which is why there is plenty of wildlife and an incredibly diverse array of birds to be seen. Of course, the ranch itself is also on the unceded territory of the Splatsin, Okanagan people, and we are so grateful to be here.

You can book your spot now and select from these 4 dates. Don’t wait, since spots are filling up fast!

All CIRCLE workshops are held on Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Choose from these dates:

May 28,29,30
June 10,11,12
July 9,10,11
August 27,28,29

Yes! You can book 1-on-1 sessions with the herd and Güliz by clicking here. After registering, we will send you a curated list of practitioners you can choose from to book massage, acupuncture, craniosacral, etc.

This area of BC is known as the Okanagan and it is a worldwide destination for wine, luscious fruit picking (cherries, peaches, apples), hang gliding & paragliding, and every water sport you can imagine (water-skiing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, etc). The hiking is also world class with many public nature reserves, with trails varying from easy to difficult. Plenty of places you can rent ATV’s or ride horses, go ziplining, or rock climbing. After you register, we will send you a curated list of options and resources to choose from. We’ve also included permaculture, gardening, and First Nations (aboriginal history) tours. Plenty of ways to make this one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

Lunch Bags are catered by a local chef who delivers fresh every day. Your choice of sandwich fixings on either wheat bread, gluten-free bread, or lettuce. Along with a salad and a petite dessert (cookie, brownie, etc). All lunch bags can be specified dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan etc. Sandwich fixings include tuna salad, chicken, salmon, ham, egg, tofu, tempeh and roasted vegetables. Cheese options include vegan, goat cheese, cheddar or gouda. Various beverages including herbal teas, fruit juice, and spring water are available at all times (no coffee as this makes it difficult to down-regulate your nervous system and connect. If you’re addicted, make sure you have your coffee before you get on the shuttle 😉 ) Packaged snacks like crackers, seaweed, chocolate, are also available at all times.

Learn to connect and open your heart space – so that you can hear the desires of your heart and develop the courage to live from this space.

Register Now: $987 In-Person / $387 Online

About Güliz Ünlü

Güliz Ünlü is a Certified Animal Communicator and BodyTalk Practitioner.
She describes her work as psychospiritual.

It is an integrated approach taking into account the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. The premise is that within each person lies the potential of healing. Every single sentient being has a physical body, and an energetic body, and each part has their own consciousness that works intricately with the other. When you work with horse consciousness, you expand your relationship with yourself and all sentient beings.

Güliz works with clients and their animals in both private sessions and group workshops: “Our animals can guide us through deep inner work, as they know us better than most of us know ourselves. When a client comes to me to help their pet, often times, I end up working with both of them.” See Güliz Ünlü Full Bio

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About Jini Patel Thompson

Jini Patel Thompson is an internationally recognized expert on natural healing for digestive diseases.

She has appeared on numerous TV, podcast and radio shows throughout the U.S., giving people hope and vision for how they can heal their gut, using entirely natural methods. Her books on natural healing for digestive diseases are sold worldwide in over 80 countries, and her health articles have been published in magazines and journals in Canada, the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Jini’s passion is her herd of 11 horses and she has also built a vibrant community of Horse Listeners who gather together on her blog and Membership site, to share knowledge and stories of horses as potent healers, and fully sentient beings.

Jini is the author of 14 books and the founder of Lazer Tapping – an acupressure mind/body healing technique. See Jini Patel Thompson Full Bio

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