The horses asked me to set up this membership program – a type of apprenticeship – as a way for them to work directly with those of you who are (or want to be) teachers, leaders, healers, or are otherwise working at a higher frequency to make this world a better place.

I will continue to share their wisdom for healing and inspiration with the public on our YouTube channel and blog. But this is next-level instruction – we’re talking super woo-woo at times – things that I am not guided to share in a public space.

If you feel drawn to this apprenticeship under the herd, then the horses have requested that you meditate with them before making a decision.

At a human-level, I would like to warn you that coming under the herd’s tutelage does not mean your life will become instantly rosy and trouble-free. Think of the butterfly analogy of transformation… the metamorphosis from slug with legs, to flying creature, is not going to be comfortable or pain-free. I have experienced this in myself and with every other person who has come to work closely with these horses – this herd will kick your ass. They are going to blow shit up in your life, so that you can rebuild it better from the ashes. Unless you’re already Jesus. Then you’ll be fine. 😉

The pathway to mastery is never without hard moments; where we choose to lean in to our dysfunctions, our limiting beliefs or patterns, or release those pin-pricks (or gaping holes) that are draining our lifeforce energy. The Singing Horse herd will lead you to this wisdom. The wisdom and awareness you need to progress in your journey – to keep evolving into your destiny.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your abilities, work, relationships and purpose on this planet?

Are you ready to transform old stories, saboteurs, and blocks to your magnificence under the tutelage and powerful support of the Singing Horse herd? They may lead you into your darkest jungle; but they will also walk the trail right alongside you – supporting, assisting, and loving you the whole way through.

This magical herd of 11 has also set the price for this apprenticeship with them as your teachers/mentors – in their video below you will understand more of how they view money and energy. And as soon as they asked me to set this up, they gave me the video below for you to watch and decide whether this is for you, or not. But again, they still ask that you meditate with them before making a decision.

Note: Videos for this apprenticeship/membership are left in real-time; with minimal, if any, editing. As per the horses’ request.

When I first started filming the horses, back in 2015, they said to me, “There is a layer of frequency contained within video technology, that humans don’t know about yet, but we use that frequency to reach people directly – all you need to do is turn the camera on.”

Since then I have had hundreds of people – from all over the world – contact me to share how the horses have shown up in their dreams, their meditations, and even helped their loved ones cross over.

How It Works

Video or audio teachings from the herd are all in the private Member’s area on this site, and listed according to topic, divided up into Modules. They are organized sequentially, in the order the horses have given them to us. Many teachings build upon previous teachings, so unless your intuition guides you otherwise, it’s best to receive them in the order they are given. Underneath each video message from the herd is a space to comment, share, ask questions and discuss your insights and experiences with all of us in a safe, private space.

Let me be 100% clear that you are not apprenticing under me (or any other human) – ALL of us humans are apprentices under the Singing Horse herd. The horses are the teachers; the ones who give the lessons, transmit the illuminations, and aid/guide you energetically to implement your changes for growth and expansion. I am simply committed to doing my utmost to be the clearest voice/hands for their wisdom.

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian, Güliz Ünlü, or I (Jini Patel Thompson), host one Interactive Livestream video teaching per month – this takes place on the 1st Friday of every month at 1:00 pm PST (it needs to be during daylight hours so you can see the horses clearly). You will be able to share comments or questions via text/chat during the call. The video recording will also be uploaded to the Member’s area afterwards, in case you miss the live event.

The other messages/teachings the horses wish to share with us ongoing are also uploaded directly to the Member’s area. You’ll receive email notification whenever a new teaching is posted.

In addition, there is a monthly Silent Observation Livestream with the Singing Horse herd, every 3rd Wednesday at 2:00 pm PST. This is your opportunity to BE with the herd on your own. Connect telepathically with the herd during the Livestream, or bring them a question via your intention – you’ll be surprised to see how they may answer you using body language, or by acting out your answer in front of you! This is also an opportunity to see their natural behaviour, body language, herd dynamic and communication – a great way to enhance or practice your understanding of horse-speak. It’s called a Silent Livestream because the human holding the camera won’t be talking, or trying to interact with the horses in any way. The Silent Observation Livestream is also uploaded to the Members’ area within an hour or so afterwards, in case you miss it live. Remember, the horses are not bound by time or space!

Monthly Membership – $111

  • 1 Interactive Livestream video teaching/guidance per month – the 1st Friday of every month at 1pm PST – facilitated by Dr. Juliet, Güliz or Jini; recording uploaded to the Member’s area a few hours later
  • Apprenticeship course, divided into Modules, with discussion, questions and sharing below each teaching
  • Ongoing video teachings/messages/audios (whatever the herd wants to share) also uploaded to the Member’s area, as they occur
  • 1 Silent Observation Livestream per month – every third Wednesday at 2pm PST – observe natural behaviour, body language, herd dynamic and communication. Connect telepathically with the herd or bring them a question via your intention
  • Discussion, questions and sharing on each video and livestream page
  • Cancel at any time, at least 1 week prior to your next billing date

*All prices in USD

The video they’ve shared above and your meditation with the herd are your guidance as to whether this is right for you, at this time. Thanks so much for being present for this invitation from the Singing Horse herd and godspeed in whichever path you choose. Namaste.

Of course, please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns.