How to Hook Up the Back-Up Generator – in case of Power Failure


Radiant Heat System, Water Pump & Well


Wood Furnace & Propane Tank

– Wood furnace filter needs to be cleaned at least once per year; unscrew and scrape clean
– Wood box needs to be cleaned once per year; shovel out, get rid of excess sand (see 9:30 minutes – make sure the valve area is cleaned so it can open/close freely)
– You can use propane to light the furnace and after half hour or so, switch it back to Wood Only.
– at 11:00 minutes: must keep system filled with water by slowly turning on the water valve in the house (see Radiant Heat System video at 4:00 minutes for instructions – he refers to the wood furnace as “the boiler”) until you see water coming out the pipe at the top. Then slowly close the valve. Do this once per week.
– When he says propane is very expensive to use, here’s why. We have a 500 gallon tank:

The Creek & Irrigation