Private Zoom Sessions with the Singing Horse Herd and Juliet Ghodsian or Güliz Ünlü

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian

Güliz Ünlü

Both Güliz and Dr. Juliet have worked extensively with the Singing Horse Herd, in addition to their own private practices. Juliet is an animal communicator and Healing Intuitive, and Güliz is an animal communicator and BodyTalk practitioner.

Both use their extensive toolbox to facilitate healing and transformation, together with the Singing Horse herd as guides and co-facilitators.

“Many years have passed without me feeling connected to horse energy. Your herd has changed all that for me. Thank you so much. For the first time I am able to see them as the majestic, self-actualized beings that they truly are.” – Michael M.

Learn more about a session with Juliet Ghodsian here
and more about what’s involved in a session with Güliz Ünlü here

Who would benefit from a session with the Singing Horse Herd?
  • Perhaps you or your horse (or other animal) has a stubborn or puzzling health condition you’ve been unable to unravel.
  • Perhaps you’re faced with a big decision and not sure which path to follow.
  • Maybe you’re struggling with a relationship and you’d love some clarity or insight.
  • Perhaps you’d like to connect with the herd to jump-start your own intuitive abilities – their energy is a powerful catalyst for deep connection or transformation.
  • Perhaps you’d like to connect deeper with your horse (or dog, cat, etc) – to experience what that’s like.
  • Or maybe you’re just open to anything that wants to come through for you – either from your own body, your horse, or the Singing Horse herd.

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian is a healing intuitive. She is able to read your body for energy blockages and to see the underlying emotional or spiritual issue(s) that may be holding an illness in place – when you just can’t seem to heal. She works with the herd to discern your patterns, practices, or beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to move forward in life, or to heal an emotional pattern or block. Remember that the mind/body/spirit are inextricably intertwined. She also receives messages from both the Singing Horse herd and your own animals, who might be involved in a healing circle with you. Occasionally a loved one who has passed on shows up with additional wisdom to share.

During a Private Session with Juliet, she aims to:

  • Provide a space of acceptance and compassion for your story and your healing journey.
  • Provide reflection, observation and insight into underlying factors that could be contributing to your loss of wellness, or the onset of disease, or a negative emotional pattern or belief.
  • Utilize techniques like pranic healing, EFT or Lazer Tapping, Craniosacral and energetic bodywork to access and effect healing in your emotional and physical body.
  • In combination with the herd’s wisdom, she brings her entire toolkit to address blocks, saboteurs and opportunities for healing that are present in your mind/body/spirit.
  • Relay messages or insights from the Singing Horse Herd, your ancestors, or your own animals, to you

Note: Juliet is also fluent in spoken and written Spanish

“I couldn’t seem to break out of unhealthy patterns making me gain weight and then being unable to stick to any plan to lose weight. Then Juliet saw I had a negative energy/entity attached to me and Kaliah came forward to remove it. I was exhausted that day and the next, but now can’t believe how much lighter I feel! I still have more work to do, but this has been a huge shift for me.” – O.T., Canada

Juliet Says…

Emotional healing therapies that may take place during a session include EFT or Lazer Tapping, guided meditation, breathwork and distance energy work (yes, I can connect with your body remotely, and facilitate energetic and structural release from a distance).

The horses in the Singing Horse herd are powerful healers, who are always advocating for our highest good. Often the horses see or perceive things that we do not. They will work with you at whatever level you feel comfortable with. They may also pass on messages from your own horses or animals (who know you very well!).

I feel the most alive and inspired by this work when I am facilitating healing for people with the Singing Horse herd and I am integrated as an instrument for their healing and messaging.

“Juliet was great to work with. I loved her energy and I felt really confident with her. She walked me through the whole process and asked the right questions. I was surprised how tuned in she was, as she felt every change in my energy even before I felt it myself. I felt some movements, but as they were really subtle – not a big opening or expansion for example – I didn’t think they were important. But they were! And she knew, so she helped me focus in on those little movements as the changes I was really going after. I started to appreciate them more and stopped looking for “the big sensation”. I started to feel a bit more in my physical body, subtle, but there was already a big difference in my feelings and anxiety.

I found in the herd a language that I actually understand more than words. Their movements and expressions were really clear to me, and I just understood by seeing. This herd is next-level, as they are so empowered in their bodies and communication… Super clear. I wanted to cry a few times, I felt the energies behind the words, the intent and emotions, so everything they said just hit the target. I felt that the horses were there for me so unconditionally.

The session was an amazing experience that I felt so close in my heart! It didn’t feel like I was in a healing/therapy session, with that kind of separation between patient-therapist, but it was like being surrounded by wise friends, talking and sharing in a close way. I really enjoyed it.” – FD, Spain

About Juliet

I have always had a passion for helping others. After high school, I spent a year living in Ecuador volunteering at a school for indigenous children. Upon my return, I pursued undergraduate studies in Counseling and Social Work and began working with medicinal plants. Along the way I discovered Naturopathic Medicine and recognized it as the future of health care.

Prior to attending medical school, I spent time working as a social worker for children/teens with Cerebral Palsy and developmental disabilities. This was a formative and impactful time in my life.

I am also the mother of two intelligent and talented daughters, and continue to learn so much from watching a young person unfold into herself. My time spent living in South America enabled me to become fluent in written and spoken Spanish. I have an artistic spirit and have performed as a vocalist and a dancer throughout my life.

In addition to my Naturopathic degree, I have independently worked on the study and development of my own intuitive and energetic gifts, incorporating elements from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Lazer Tapping, Chakra balancing techniques, Pranic healing, BioFeedback, Guided Imagery Relaxation Techniques, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Linking Awareness (animal communication) classes.

These healing therapies pair beautifully with my training in counseling and intuitive healing techniques, to provide me with a unique skill set for helping clients process and heal the body, mind and spirit. The Singing Horse herd and I can help you find your way and support you in discovering, and listening to your body’s deep wisdom.

“I booked with Dr. Juliet because of chronic halitosis that didn’t make sense given everything I was doing that was healthy! During the session Cobra pointed out a bunch of things that were related to a business/friend relationship that was not good and an energy cord/attachment this guy had put in my lower back that needed to be removed. I could feel the difference right away! The physical and spiritual are intertwined and so clearing stuff energetically has made my gut function better and my breath smell better. Juliet and the horses are AMAZING. Aude and Xadaa had a few things to share and Cobra was so tuned in!!” – I.P., England


Schedule an intuitive healing session with Dr. Juliet and the Singing Horse Herd via livestream video on Zoom.

You will be able to see and hear Juliet and the herd and she will be able to see and hear you (and your animals).

All you need is a cellphone, iPad, or computer, and download the free Zoom app.

Complimentary audio and video recording of your session is included.

*All prices in US$


Güliz Ünlü

Güliz Ünlü facilitates sessions with the Singing Horse Herd, using BodyTalk therapy and Linking Awareness telepathic communication (animal communication).

“I had my session last night (I’m 10 hours ahead of Pacific Time) and went to sleep with my whole body buzzing. Woke up this morning and it is still buzzing. Don’t really have the words to describe it all! Was so incredibly amazing to be live with the beautiful herd. So THANK YOU Güliz!! I am so so grateful. It was wonderful. No words just yet…” – KD, South Africa

BodyTalk is a language of healing where the innate wisdom of the animal or human gets to direct the session into areas of conflict within the mind using kinesiology testing. By revealing the conflict in the mind and reminding the bodymind complex to “wake-up”, we can release and reverse old unhealthy patterns and embrace a new alignment within ourselves. By resolving the conflict on the appropriate level (mind, body, spirit) it will effect ALL systems of the body resulting in balancing hormones, organs and all other body parts and systems.

We know that our bodies, under ideal circumstances, contain the innate wisdom to function perfectly – how do we tap into this miracle of biological design to remove the blockages in cellular function and communication? How do we become whole again, emotionally, physically, and mentally?

Güliz Says…

In private sessions I bring my entire toolkit of skills, but I tune into your specific animal or situation and we range freely between different modalities – according to what your animal (or your body) needs or is asking for. Sometimes the session will be just about the animal, but sometimes the root of their issue lies with their environment, or herd dynamic, or something else happening in the home, or their relationship with you. That is why I show up with all my skills ready to go, but I am always in service to the greater wisdom of the individual animal.

I am certified in Animal Communication with Linking Awareness, but Inter-Cellular Communication is the term I prefer to use. It’s an evolution from the head space communication, into heart space intelligence.

Why is it that we often treat the symptoms of illness, rather than getting to the heart of the matter and uncovering the root of the dysfunction?

How do we communicate with the body on a cellular level to uncover imbalances? Furthermore, what can our body’s cells tell us?

Why BodyTalk with animals?

Have you ever noticed how many pets resemble their guardians in one way or another? Through extensive case studies, it became evident that this “mirroring” was not accidental, or coincidental. Our animals can guide us through deep inner work, as they know us better than most of us know ourselves. Often times, our animals own emotional, mental or physical manifestation of pain is directly related to our own turmoil inside. When a client comes to me to help their pet, often times, I end up working with both.

Through BodyTalk and Inter-Cellular (Animal) Communication, we have an extraordinary opportunity to shift the direction of our own sub-conscious belief systems that hold us in our life patterns. These beliefs or patterns can make growth towards our highest potential seem impossible. We can self-help and self-talk, but until we address the core issues (that through our pets we can access), often we find ourselves chasing our tails, exhausted, frustrated, and diseased.

“Just had my session with Güliz Ünlü… Mind blown, grateful, inspired, relieved, profound… it was just WOW… really if you were contemplating having an interaction/animal communication session with her… All I can say is you really really should! So much discovery and depth! Loved every second of it! THANK YOU GULIZ and the herd and Jini for facilitating all the connections! ” – MM, California


A zoom video session is like a digital version of Equine-assisted therapy or healing, and it is just as powerful.

Güliz has done over 25 private Zoom sessions with this magical herd.

All you need is a cellphone, iPad, or computer, and download the free Zoom app.

Complimentary audio and video recording of your session is included.

EMAIL US to book a session with Güliz and the Singing Horse Herd!

*All prices in US$

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“I have had quite a magical bodily experience following our session. Right after our session, I was really sleepy (as if I had sleeping pills) and my body was getting really heavy, I ended up napping for a good 2.5 hours and even then, it was so difficult to get up for dinner that evening. For the following few days, I noticed I’m able to connect with my heart space and auric body much easier and clearer, I continued to feel the subtle movements that come as a result of you adjusting the position of my heart.

The imagery of the universe and the stars kept coming up during my meditations, with the heart showing up like a giant clear crystal evolving around an invisible orbit and all my organs as stars, in alliance. I was also able to visualize clearly the diamond frequency, it scans my body from left to right, opening up my crown and a vertical clear channel, aligning all my chakras. Even when I’m not in a meditative state, such imagery continues to pop up when I’m in a fight or flight stage.” – SY, Vancouver